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Topics: Management, Business school, Master of Business Administration Pages: 3 (1038 words) Published: December 15, 2013
dear sir/madam
In Nepal ,the illiteracy rate is very high and it′s hard to study when you come from a family that had no access to education. But even if my parents are uneducated, they are well aware of the importance of a good and quality education. My father is a mountain guide and my mother takes care of home. I always had full support of my parents for studies and they have always encouraged me and they are always with me on every of my career planning .my mother dreams is that I succeed my life and my father wants me to live my own career and not to be financially dependent on others. I wish to pursue and successfully complete my studies to prove myself and complete my parents dream. When I was young I had once been made captain in football team of school. We were not able to win semifinal game. Then I realized that in any group the most important part is of leader. From that day onwards I started to develop my leadership skills so that in future I would be ready to tackle any kinds of situation. I had always been interested in management. After S.L.C(certificate of completion of secondary education)in Kathmandu I then studied Management stream for two years,with optional subject ‛business’. As an adult, I would like to have a job where I can work in group as a team with having significant responsibilities and use specific skills. This is why after completion of +2 management, I wish to continue in this direction in order to satisfy my desire to improve myself and gain more knowledge and skills needed to run a successful career in the field of business and management. Because of management student I had always enjoyed studying the courses in it. and among them I like studying about business most because of the content like what kinds of skills, technique should be used inside business etc.as I grew older I started to search for such bachelor’s degree where I can get more wider knowledge about business and also for best...
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