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Topics: Natural environment, Wildlife, Environment Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Planning department ,
Marbleton House,
Stanton Way, Marbleton,

Dear Miss Stevens
I am writing to you, to express my objection to your current plans to demolish my locoal skate park and Marbleton woods. My village already contains shops that can provide the necessaties that you have promised to the people living in Marbleton village. If you build a Marbleton superstore you will be putting a lot of good honest people out of a job, how would you like it if you have worked hard all of your life trying to make ends meat to support your family people you hold dear, just to end up losing your job and home because a new shop has taken over? cannot fathom the reasoning behind wanting to desmantile a beauteous, spectactular and phenominal segment of land. Also Maddisons has been said to be the largest superstore chain in the North East, with this in mind why do you find it essitial to expand your ‘large’ company even more? In my oppinion it is vital that Marbleton Woods, and My local skate park remain as it is, as you are aware or should be aware the world’s most number one problem is ‘pollution’, therefore by wiping out a natural environmental landscape which is what wild animals class as their home suhc as; squirrels, fox’s, birds... inorder to replace it with a building that is only benificial to your profit margine, not only is that dispicable but it is inhuman.

If you build a Maddison’s supermarket in Marbleton village you will be impacting on the lives of people who actually live in Marbleton village. Your construction will create a noise pollution the village, many of the villagers are either elderly or have are tired from working shifts for long periods of time, it will also create an eye-sore for tourists that vist the village and scare away wildlife that hunt in the day and hibernate at knight. Marbleton village has a rich heritage due to the beautiful natural environment that has been nurished since before Maddisons was ever established....
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