Letter to IEB: Film Study in Our English Syllabus

Topics: Johannesburg, Racism, Nelson Mandela Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Currey street Sandton Johannesburg 2192 8 October 2013

22 rednam Street

Dear Sir/ Madam
The Valuable and Beneficial Aspect of Film Study in the English Syllabus. My reasoning for writing this letter is to express how I feel about the importance and advantageous aspect of film studying being in the English syllabus. Film study teaches us as well as allows us to learn about several different issues, complications and the main idea of the film by using cinematographic techniques. Film study allows students to interact with the different imaginative worlds encountered and enables us to make our own type of judgement and evaluations based on what we are watching. Film study will focus back on the student's own world and raise her or his awareness of it. Watching different films that haver a significant message to it allows you to have a deeper insight of what the film truthfully means and the message it is trying to get across to all the viewers. This automatically becomes an ingenious and successful way of teaching and learning about vital matters that we face on a daily basis. When watching the two films as a part of our English syllabus I was able to gain a deeper insight into the main issues of the film as there were many different...
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