Bridge to Terabithia: Comparison of the Book and the Movie

Topics: Difference, Character, Year of birth missing Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: September 20, 2014
Both the book and the movie Bridge to Terabithia are both very different and very similar. The are different because the book has lots more information than the movie. They are also different because two different people wrote and published the book, they both had different interpretations of the story line. These similarities and differences can be seen in the Plot, Characterisation and Setting.

In both the book and the movie, the plot is very similar but is also different. They both have lots of similarities and lots differences. In the book and movie, the plot is similar in the way that Leslie dies when use swings across the creek. It is different in the way that in the movie, Jess gets his hopes up to become the fastest kid in his class, than Leslie comes along and beats him. The plot also changes because the movie has less time to fit everything in that is in the book.

All of the characters are very similar and different in both the book and the movie. Both Jess and Janice are two very different characters and they both have very different personalities. In both the book and the movie, Jess does his chores, is an artist and he runs in the race. Janice falls over on the bus, she looks the way that they describe her in the book and she turns out to be the nice person in the end.

The setting in the book and the movie are very similar and very different. The way that Terbithia is described in the book is very different to how it looks in the movie. Lark Creek Elementary is where Jess, Leslie and Janice go to school and In the movie, it doesn't look the way that they describe it in the book.

Both the book and the movie are very different, they have lots of similarities and differences. The Setting, Plot and Characterisation are three parts that the book and movie can be compared.
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