The Outsiders Differences Between Book And Movie

Pages: 2 (349 words) Published: October 12, 2017

The book and the movie of ¨The Outsiders¨ are generally the same but differs at some of the parts. As books and movies usually do, they both share the same same story line and the general idea. Nonetheless, the differences are quite large.

Both the book and the movie are very similar, or else it wouldn't be much of a point to make a movie for a book.
For instance, the both have Johnny killing Bob while they were drowning Ponyboy. Although it, like the book, doesn't go into great detail about it.Another thing that they kept the same was when Dally shows up the get them while they were staying at the abandoned church.
And it keeps the part when Dally was speeding to the restaurant. Although they both have many similarities they also have many differences....

Especially when it comes to the part when Sandy, his girlfriend turns him down. But in the movie, Sodapop is barely mentioned and does not play a big role. It doesn't even mention anything about Sandy or Sodapop's horse, Mickey Mouse.

Another big difference is about Johnny's mom at the hospital.In the book, the nurse comes in and tells Johnny that his mom is here to see him, and he tells them he does not want to see her.And, as Dally and Ponyboy are leaving, it shows her yelling at the nurse about how she wants to see him.In the movie it only mentions his mom at the hospital, with the nurse coming in and and telling Johnny that his mom was there.Although it was a small detail, it was a big difference.

The ¨Outsiders¨ book and movie are the same in the story line, but the details differ at times.But the similarities are more common than the differences, so it was an all in all good story.Even though adding a bit more Sodapop would make it a bit sweeter.The differences just show how books and movies will just never be the...
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