Music In Film F14 Syllabus

Topics: Film score, Final examination, Film Pages: 7 (2373 words) Published: November 29, 2014
Fall 2014
Instructor: Dr. Jack Unzicker
Office Number: Fine Arts Building, Room 254
Office Telephone Number: 817.272.1103
Email Address:
Students are required to use their official UT Arlington e-mail address for all university-related business.
Faculty Profile:
Office Hours: By appointment. To schedule an appointment, email and include your available times.
Section Information: MUSI 2301.001
Time and Place of Class Meetings: 1:00-1:50pm Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Fine Arts Building, Room 258
Description of Course Content: A study of the history, compositional styles and impact of music in films during the 20th century.
Course Description: The class traces the history and development of film music through reading, lecture and film viewing. The class studies the process of film scoring and how music and its relationship to film have changed over the last century. Class includes discussion and evaluation of different compositional styles and learning to listen analytically and critically to film scores while viewing movies.

Student Learning Outcomes: At the completion of this course, students will: •

Be able to identify major composers of film music from the 20th Century - present. Be able to identify the characteristics and tendencies of film music from each decade of the 20th Century - present.

Be able to identify the role that music plays in keys scenes in selected representative films from the 20th Century - present.

Required Textbooks and Other Course Materials:
Hickman, Roger. Reel Music: Exploring 100 Years of Film Music. New York: Norton and Company, 2006.
Students are responsible for viewing the films to be studied in this course. The films will be available at the reserve desk of the Fine Arts and Architecture Library. Many of the films are also available for rental and viewing through popular services, such as Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon Video, Google Play, YouTube, etc.


Descriptions of major assignments and examinations:
10 Quizzes. Lectures, readings from the Hickman textbook, and films will be accompanied by an online, timed quiz. Each quiz will consist of a collection of randomized questions focusing on important factual and interpretive detail in the lectures, readings, and films. After completing the assignments, students will have a brief timed period to complete the quiz available on Blackboard.

Each quiz may be taken only once. Results of the quizzes will be available on Blackboard following the deadline.
Although the instructor encourages the viewing of films in groups, the quizzes and exams must be completed individually, in accordance with the UT Arlington Honor Code. 3 Exams and Final Exam. Exams will include questions about the assigned films, readings, and lectures. Exams will also contain a listening and identification component. Listening excerpts will be chosen from among the assigned films. You may be asked multiple-choice questions about the excerpt that are drawn from information in the textbook Viewer Guides and lectures, such as composer, release date, and genre.

Attendance: Regular and punctual class attendance is expected and assumed. A student’s grade will not be penalized for absences. Students are responsible for all information discussed during lectures, such as changes to the course schedule. Make-up exams and lecture notes are not available to those that do not attend classes. In the case of University Authorized Absences, the student must contact the instructor, in writing, at least one week in advance of the excused absence and arrange with the instructor a scheduled time in which to complete any examinations that occur during the scheduled absence. Instructors will provide those students an opportunity to complete the work early or otherwise adjust the grading to ensure...
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