Lesson Plan Reading Phonetics and Reading

Topics: Tooth fairy, Teeth, Tooth Pages: 10 (2274 words) Published: July 16, 2010
Grade Level/Section: Grade III-1 Time Allotted: One Hour and 15 minutes

1. Make predictions through pictures and context clues.
2. Predict a scenario by role playing.
3. Make intelligent guesses or inferences by acting out. 4. Identify paragraphs or situations by choosing the most fitting description. 5. Write the situation by analyzing the inferences made.

6. Show individual’s uniqueness and talents through graphs, drawings, and web strands.

A. Selection
Magnificent Benito and His Two Front Teeth
Author: Augie Rivera and Mike Rivera
Illustrator: Jason Moss
Publisher: Adarna House, Inc. – Philippines

B. Other reference

C. Materials
Words written on Manila paper for Unlocking of difficulties
Web Strands
Crayons and old magazines

A. Pre-Reading

1. Unlocking of Difficulties
Choose the appropriate meaning of the underlined word from the box below.

1. Benito spent most of his time munching on turnips, and never made any friends.
2. His ugly big front teeth brought him nothing but grief.
3. He was treated like a sideshow freak.
4. I just want to apologize for giving you those ugly big front teeth.
5. I’ll be retiring soon, too. Nobody believes in tooth fairies anymore.
6. Benito ate nothing but sweets, hoping to get the most vicious tooth decay.
7. Benito munched on a turnip as he contemplated his seemingly luckless life.
8. He had unconsciously crafted the turnip into the figure of a swan!
9. Magnificent Benito and His Two Front Teeth
eating not being aware wonderful

pain abnormality say sorry

going to stop for good bad think

2. Developing a Purpose for Reading
a. Schema Activation

Teacher Pupils What can you say about the first, second, The first and second pictures show that and third picture? What does each boy is picking flowers. The third picture picture show? Shows the boy is giving the flower to the girl.

b. Motivation Question
It is fun to be able to know or guess the ending Yes. With my parents. In my bedroom, of the story. Do you like to do this sometimes? Before I go to sleep. With whom? Where? When?

c. Motive Question
(Teacher shows the cover of the book.)

The title of the book is Magnificent Benito and
His Two Front Teeth
(Teacher shows some of the pictures of the book)

What do you think this story may be about?
What do you think might happen in this story?
Do the pictures give you any clues about what might
Let’s find out if you’re guesses are right.

B. During Reading
(Teacher reads the story orally while pupils listen)

Magnificent Benito and His Two Front Teeth written
by Augie Rivera and Mike Rivera and illustrated by Teacher...
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