Year 6 Literacy Plan

Topics: Completeness, Word, Expectation, Question, Sentence / Pages: 2 (335 words) / Published: May 15th, 2013
|Resources needed for lesson: |Key Vocabulary: |
|WhiteBoard |Adjective, senses, Hear, See, Taste, Feel, Smell |
|Wowo’s and Pens | |
|Pupil Skills (including PLTS): KS3 |
|Teacher expectations. By the end of the lesson, pupils will: |
|... know: |... understand: |... be able to: |
|What powerful vocabulary is |How to use vocabulary for effect |To use vocabulary to cause a chosen |
| | |effect |
|Success Criteria: |
|M: choose words to suit the purpose of my |S: deliberately choose words to create an effect on |C: choose vocabulary to create particular|
|writing |the audience |effects. |

|Pupil learning objectives (LOFT): to be able to write a description using |
|powerful vocabulary

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