Literacy Mini-Lesson Plans X3

Topics: Digraph, Books, Left-wing politics Pages: 3 (774 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Mini-lesson #1
Title: GO Fish Phonics
Grade: 1
Pillar: Phonics
General Goal: Review graphemes
Specific Goal: The students will be able to identify and pronounce S/P/T/C/A/K

Teacher Modeling/Explicit Instruction:
-Teacher will begin by writing the 6 letters on the board, going over each pronunciation as a class. -The teacher will review the targeted letter sounds as well as model how they fit in with other letter sounds. -As the class, students will brainstorm words that begin with the associated letters. -Teacher will monitor for incorrect response, and guide in the right direction.

Guided Practice:
-Teacher presents the Go Fish cards, and models the activity for the class. -Students will be placed into small groups and be given S/P/T/C/A/K Go Fish cards. -Similar to GO Fish, one student will pronounce the letter and ask if any other students have the matching phoneme.

-During the activity the teacher will observe that students are identifying and pronouncing the given graphemes and phonemes.

Mini-lesson #2
Grade: 1
Pillar: Phonics
General Goal: Blending two consonants together to make one full sound. Specific Goal: Students will be able to recognize and use the blends “sh”, and “st” to read and spell words.

Teacher Modeling: The teacher begins the mini-lesson by calling out some words that are alike (stop, star, stick) and ask students what the words have in common. The teacher will guide as needed by telling students that they are alike because they all begin with the same sound that you hear in step. The teacher will explain that each letter has its own sound but together they make one sound, then will model how they blend together by using two large cards on the whiteboard both cards with a different combination of letters; ST, and SH. The teacher will model how each of these combinations are blended by writing on the whiteboard the two letters OP. The teacher will then ask the students which of the...
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