Teaching Pronunciation

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In order to understand better English on both spoken and written, the most valuable gifts can be offered among the students is pronunciation. However, as a teacher, sometimes it is a bit difficult in contributing this particular gift. It can be a challenge to the teacher when they faces the problems such as the students pronunciation habits are not easy to change and it also hard to understand and to make a correction of the wrong pronunciation made by the students themselves. Gerald Kelly says in his book “How to Teach Pronunciation” that “a consideration of learners’ pronunciation errors and of how these can inhibit successful communication is a useful basis on which to assess why it is important to deal pronunciation in classroom”.(Gerald Kelly, pp. 11) Furthermore, the students should know and learn more about pronunciation to have better English. They have to learn more about phonemes which is consists of voice and unvoiced consonants, single vowels and diphthong. Besides that, they also should know about the suprasegmental features such as intonation and word/sentences stress.

One way in which the teacher can help the students improve the English pronunciation is by ensuring that they aware of all of the important aspects stated above. In my opinion as I have done the reading in this pronunciation aspects, I find that the major keys in having the better English pronunciation are the accurate pronunciation of sound and how to stress the word/sentences itself. Firstly, the students need to learn to pronounce as many of the sounds of the English as possible accurately and notify the unvoiced and voice sound either in consonant and vowels sound. In that way, they can improve their words pronunciation.

For examples:

a)/ә/ as in across (notes: vowel sounds are all voices).
b) Consonant b as in bomber (notes: b is soundless in this word).

Secondly, the students have to know sounds they should...

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