Legalizing Gambling in Hawaii

Topics: Crime, Victimless crime, Casino Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: June 18, 2013
I say we should legalize gambling in Hawaii. First of all, it would drastically increase Hawaii’s revenue and flow of tourism. Hawaii is already mainly dependent on tourism for incoming revenue. Some claim that crime might rise, but crime is there regardless of any laws, in any city, state, or country one might reside in. The state could utilize some of the vastly refined revenues to amplify law enforcement. This will help combat any criminal activity. A good defense is a strong offense.

Many say that gambling corrupts moral values, but it is one’s own responsibility to control themselves, and pass on, or maybe arbitrate, knowledge to their children: the importance of moral values. For example, many people blame television for the corruption of their children and making them stupid. I blame the parents for letting them watch those television shows. Parents should apply, even if by force, the rules to gambling. Don’t gamble unless you know the odds are in your favor.

Gambling occurs every single day, everywhere. The state should take advantage of this by legalizing gambling and taxing it. Do we really need more criminals? No, we need more revenue. If we tax individuals that already illegally gamble, the state would have made millions in taxes. There already are poker, baccarat, black jack, and machine room houses.

It is true gambling is not for everyone, especially stupid people. “Why?” you may ask. It is because stupid people make stupid choices. There should be a limit to how much money an individual can gamble with per year, depending on their income and winnings. This is traceable by their taxes. For example, if one person makes $40,000 per year, and have no dependents, they are only allowed to gamble $10,000 to $15,000 for that fiscal year. This will ensure that the individual’s life may still function.

Crackheads and homeless people should not be able to gamble because this would most likely inspire them to pursue criminal...
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