Lecture Method

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Lecture Method?
A lecture Method can be an effective method for communicating theories, ideas, and facts to students, group of people. Typically a structured presentation, a lecture should be designed to include certain procedures in order to be effective–procedures that research and expert lecturers have identified as essential to assist student learning. The basic purpose of lecturing is the dissemination of information. As an expert in your field, you identify important information for the learner and transmit this knowledge in the lecture. The lecture method is recommended for high consensus disciplines–those in which there is agreement on the fundamental principles and procedures, such as math and the natural sciences. Advantages/Disadvantages

The following are the basic advantages of the lecture method: It provides an economical and efficient method for delivering substantial amounts of information to large numbers of student. It affords a necessary framework or overview for subsequent learning, e.g., reading assignments, small group activities, discussion. It offers current information (more up to date than most texts) from many sources. It provides a summary or synthesis of information from different sources. It creates interest in a subject as lecturers transmit enthusiasm about their discipline.

There are disadvantages to using the lecture method as a primary teaching method. An effective lecture requires both extensive research and preparation and effective delivery skills to maintain students’ attention and motivation. In addition, the lecture has other drawbacks: It does not afford the instructor with ways to provide students with individual feedback. It is difficult to adapt to individual learning differences. It may fail to promote active learning unless other teaching strategies, such as questioning and problem-solving activities, are incorporated into the lecture. It does not promote independent learning.

How is a lecture planned...
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