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Advantages & Disadvantages of Lecturing. (n.d.). Retrieved from:

This source shows advantages and disadvantages of lecturing, particularly in a college setting. It shows that lecturing puts students in a passive role because they aren’t able to be active and interact with discussion. Students who attend lectures are only learning one-way communication. The lecturer isn’t making sure that the students comprehend the content that requires the lecturer to learn more effective skills such as communication. The advantages of lectures show that the lecturer is in control with the pace and direction of the topic but also the organization and the content. Lectures give out a lot of information in a short time due to the fact that students are encouraged to take notes and not engage or interact in discussion.

This source is very challenging to my argument because it supports both positive and negative sides of lecturing. This source is not often cited because it is not scholarly but it fits in with the previous sources because it does support why lectures are not the best way to distribute academic information.

Chen, P. p. (2013). The Effects of College Students' In-Class and After-Class Lecture Note-Taking on Academic Performance. Asia-Pacific Education Researcher (Springer Science & Business Media B.V.), 22(2), 173-180. doi:10.1007/s40299-012-0010-8. Retrieved from:

This study was used to show if in class lecture notes were more effective than after class lecture notes and the outcome of the both of them on student’s academic performance. Lectures are the primary method teachers’ use when teaching a course, especially higher education courses. Most educators will agree that note taking is the best strategy to studying...
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