Learning Skills

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Lesson 26

Learning Skills Review –

What Have I Learned In This Class?
Overview: The Learning Skills review focuses on what a learner has

learned during Learning Skills. More importantly this lesson gives the teacher a critical look at what knowledge and understanding the learners have gained. It also helps to see if they value what they’ve learned enough to use it in their everyday lives. The lesson focuses on key concepts, changes in the learners’ perception of themselves and lessons that have been introduced and discussed throughout the course. After the review, learners are asked to write about what they have learned that week. There are no wrong answers. The writing exercise is a helpful tool to gain feedback from learners. It also allows learners to use the EFF Standard of Reflect and Evaluate. There is not a Learner Note Taker; instead, learners write whatever they feel is an important learning to them. Educational Goal: The goal of this lesson is for learners to (1) compre-

Time: 1 hour Teacher Materials: — List of lessons and key concepts taught that week — Reflect and Evaluate Standard sheet — EFF Standards/Skill Wheel (Poster) — Learner Materials — Paper and pencil or pen — Reflect and Evaluate Standard handout Learner Materials:

hend what they have learned in the Learning Skills course and (2) respond positively to what they have learned and how it applies to their everyday life and goals. Objectives:

— Writing paper



— What they have learned — Identify any changes that they see in themselves — Tell what it means to them — How the learner can apply what they have learned to their everyday lives. — Describe why what they have learned is important

Skills Standards Connection: This lesson has a connection to the Ten-

nessee KSA – Evaluate Information and the EFF Standard – Reflect and Evaluate. Teaching Strategy: Key concept visuals that can be used for this lesson

are the staircase, communication process, and the STAR. Reflecting and Evaluating is an important skill/standard that all adults need to do in order to improve their goals and life. The Learning Skills review and writL E A R N I N G S K I L L S


What Have I Learned in This Class?

Lesson 26





ing activity helps learners to retain the knowledge that they have received and to see how it affects their education and everyday lives. Even in the first week, learners began to describe what they learned and more importantly what changes they saw in their motivation and confidence. The previous review lessons also lead into a preview of things to come for the next week. Depending upon what weekly review it was, learners learned several different key concepts and lessons. The first component of the EFF Standard of Reflect and Evaluate directly connects to the “Wherever you are…” Learning Skills motto. The lesson also requires learners to see the value in what they’ve learned and asks them to predict how they will use it in their lives. The teacher should begin this last review lesson by focusing the learners on key elements that they remember from the class. The goal is not to get learners to look through their notes but to see what they can remember. Whatever they remember learning is the most valid and clearest picture of where they are as learners. The communication loop could be used in this portion of the lesson as a visual. The teacher should begin the lesson by explaining the educational goal, objectives, and the overall purpose of the writing activity. It should be explained as a valid way of gaining feedback from them. The teacher should also ask learners to put all of their work aside in order to discuss what they remember learning. The lesson begins with the EFF Standard of Reflect and Evaluate. Discuss the Standard with the class, what it means, and why it’s important. Learners should know that they are applying the skill of reflect...
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