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National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Principles and Process Standards Worksheet

Review the NCTM Principles and Process Standards for School Mathematics, and complete the following two tables.

Table 1: NCTM Principles Description
Provide a short description of each of the six NCTM principles for school mathematics.
|NCTM Principles |
| |Principle |Description |
|1 |Equity |For a student to excel in mathematics, educators must have high expectations and ever stronger support for their students. |
|2 |Curriculum |The curriculum must be coherent, and focused on the important mathematics topics. Each grade level must have a clear and concise curriculum. |
| | | |
|3 |Teaching |To be an efficient teacher, you must be able to understand now only what the students know, but what they need to learn. A successful teacher must be able to challenge |
| | |the student while supporting them through their progress. |
|4 |Learning |Students must be able to take in what is taught to them and apply it to real life situations. They need to be able to actively build their knowledge of the subject and |
| | |use

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