Skills and Learning Statement

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1. Question1: What did you learn from meetings with mentor, including the presentation that you gave to your project mentor? (734 words)2 2. Question 2: How well do you think that you have answered your research questions? (372 words)5 3. Question 3: How have you demonstrated your interpersonal and communication skills during the project work (656words)7 4. Question 4: How has undertaking the RAP helped you in your accountancy studies and/or current employment role? (478words)10 5. List of reference12

Question1: What did you learn from meetings with mentor, including the presentation that you gave to your project mentor? (734 words)


Preparation is very important to make sure the objectives of the meetings can be achieved efficiently and successfully. A proper preparation before the meetings can facilitate the discussion and make the meetings more meaningful.

Before the three meetings I have read the Oxford Brookes University BSc(Hons) In Applied Accounting Tutorial Text for guidance.

An agenda was prepared to ensure all issues are covered during the meetings, a personal diary of reflections is also used to summarise each meetings’ content and record my afterthoughts. The diary is useful in helping me keep track against my checklist to achieve the RAP’s aims and objectives, it also helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and areas to improve after each consultation with my Mentor.

Before each meeting I listed down some questions and discussed with my mentor during the meeting. Mr Lee guided me patiently throughout the project and shared his experience to help me in my project. .

First Meeting:
Before the first meeting, I selected the Topic 8: An analysis of business and financial performance of an organization over a three year period for my Research and Analysis Project

I decided on CapitaLand, a leading property developer listed on the Singapore Exchange, as my research organization. I conducted some background readings and research on the organization itself and the property development industry. Several questions were also listed down for further discussion in the meeting, for example: - Is my progress timetable realistic and achievable?

- What are the sources to gather the appropriate information? - Which accounting and business techniques to adopt for the analysis?

After discuss with my mentor I start have an ideal and clarify my questions in the meeting. During the meeting He emphasized the objectives of the RAP and the possible pitfalls which I should avoid. He also suggested me to schedule the timetable for the project work and ensure it is realistic and practicable. In this meeting, he motivated me by providing me clear guidelines and gave me confidence to do the project by giving me clear direction. .

Second Meeting:

My project progress was constantly updated with my Mentor via emails. A draft RAP report was sent before the meeting to give Mr. Lee sufficient time to read through so as to make full use of the second meeting time to discuss possible areas to improve. I also prepared a list of doubts that arise when doing my RAP to be discussed and made sure I covered all of them.

In the meeting, Mr. Lee suggested that I should add PESTEL analysis to improve the quality of business analysis, due to word constraint, he highlighted some irrelevant points that I should drop from the report.

Mr. Lee also commented that instead of only looking into the reasons within the orgnisation, I should also take into account of the influence of changing economic climate in my ratio analysis. Sufficient evidence should be provided to support my business performance analysis.

I agreed on these feedbacks and revised my report accordingly; Mr. Lee also briefed me on the presentation requirement and skills for the presentation in the third meeting. The most important thing I have to learn from this meeting was to focus on the key areas related and...
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