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Topics: Negotiation, Anger, Learning Pages: 2 (286 words) Published: August 24, 2013

|What concept were covered in the tutorial? | |Conflict,Negotiation | |2.What ware the activities undertaken during the tutorial? | |Activity 1:Shoulder-tap Exercise | |Activity 2:Role-Play | |3.What did I learn from the tutorial(draw on the activities undertaken)? | |a.Principled negotiators could gain better results than positional negotiators because they resolve the conflicts while maintaining| |a healthy working relationship.By playing “shoulder-tap test” exercise,I learned that I got anger and stress if I pretended to be a| |principled bargainer,because both of us wanted to win thus wouldn't’t reach an agrement. | |b.Negotiation influence can be achieved through different tactics.In the role play,I was assigned to act as the manager Dale.After | |trying the first ‘pressure’ tactic,I found that the person I talked with felt quite stressed and reluctant to compromise with me.So| |I used the other tactics such as emotional appeal,focusing on Chris’ values to arouse emotional support for a proposal. | |4.What is the learning gap in relation to this topic? | |I am still not sure how to apply the various negotiation tactics properly into my daily life.Having the theories in mind,I still | |need to practice how to use different negotiation...
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