Learner Centered Curriculum
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• The term learner-centered approach focusing on the student’s learning and what they do to achieve this, has widespread usage. • Implementing learner-centered approach involves changes in three areas: 1. Curriculum Design, 2. Teaching and Learning Methods and 3. Assessment Practices.

Learner-Centered Approach to Curriculum Design • A learner centered approach to curriculum design gives

• A Learner-Centered Approach places emphasis on: ✓ Learning communities, ✓ Curriculum integration and ✓ Clearly defined learning outcomes.

What are Learning Outcomes? • A focus on learning outcomes suggests that faculty focus first on what is essential that students know or be able to do following completion of a program. • Learning outcomes are related to the need analysis of the student rather than the needs of the instructor.

Learner-Centered Curriculum (LCC): ➢ Learner-centered curriculum focus primarily on individual students' learning. ➢ This design emphasizes on individual development. ➢ This approach is to organize the curriculum on the basis of LEARNER’S ✓ Needs ✓ Interests and ✓ purposes

History / Concept of LCC: ➢ This idea was first presented in 18th century by ROUSSEAU ➢ Then in 19th century by PESTALOZZY ➢ Later in 1896-1904 by John Dewey in his laboratory school. ➢ In 1919 the Association for the Advancement of Progressive Education was formed which also supported the idea. ✓ It was later called Progressive Education Association (PEA)

Progressive Education Association:
The aim of this association was • The development of the individual, based upon the scientific study of his mental, physical, spiritual and social characteristics and needs.

Characteristic Features of LCC: 1. The knowledge in the curriculum plan is based 1. In General---learner’s needs

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