Apa Format Cheat Sheet

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APA Format Cheat Sheet
General Document Guidelines  Hint: Use an APA template!|
Marginsp. 229| 1” at the top, bottom, left, and right of every page | Spacingp. 229| Double space entire paper—no extra spaces (exception: a heading by itself at the bottom of a page—move heading to next page) | Alignment p. 229| Flush left (not justified--right margin should be uneven) | Typefacep. 228 | 12-pt Times New Roman |

Paragraphs and Indentations p. 87; 229| 1. Indent the first line of every paragraph 5-7 spaces (1/2 inch) 2. Space twice after periods in the body of the paper 3. Space once after periods on the reference list | Title Page Format  p. 229Example: p. 41Exception: You do NOT need to include an Author Note| The title page should include the following five items:  1. Header flush left:Running head: ABBREVIATED TITLE (maximum 50 characters)  2. Page number flush right--title page is page 1   3. Centered and in the upper half of the page (double spaced): Title of PaperStudent NameAmerican Sentinel University| Body of Paper| 1. Header flush left:ABBREVIATED TITLE  2. Page number flush right  3. Center title on first line of first page | Headingsp. 62| 4. Use at least one level of heading (Level 1), though depending on paper length, two levels of headings (Levels 1 & 2) may enhance readability Level 1Centered with bold font, upper and lower case lettersLevel 2Flush left, bold font, upper and lower case letters(See the APA manual for three additional levels of headings used for longer papers).| Introduction/Conclusion pp. 27; 63| The first paragraph of all papers should introduce the reader to what the paper will be about, and include a purpose statement. It is assumed that the first paragraph is the introduction; therefore, do not use “Introduction” as a heading.  Close the paper with a conclusion or summary that summarizes the key points of the paper. You do not need to say...

Citations: Book | Weimer, M. (2002). Learner-centered teaching: Five key changes to practice. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.  |
Chapter in a book with multiple authors | Stake, R
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