Learner Autonomy and Teacher Autonomy

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Learner autonomy and teacher autonomy
How to foster learner autonomy and teacher autonomy depends on many factors , including attitude, motivation, methods, management, situations, responsibility, right and capacity of learners ,etc. and it is also based on how we take our teacher roles in classrooms .Being an English student, I have studied the methods to foster my autonomy in teaching English by applying my knowledge and experience to enable my learner to learn English more effectively. I am trying to be more autonomous in learning to foster my autonomy in teaching career. In my experience of working as an English teacher for many years in many kinds of schools, including primary school, secondary school, high school and foreign language centers, I would like to share what I do to foster autonomy of my learners and myself. Recently, I have been working as a freelance teacher teaching at Vietnamese American Schools ( VA school) and the North America Language Center in the evening. To foster learner autonomy at the North America Center, the first thing I do is considering the characters and desires of my learners. I often observe and talk to them to identify learner characteristics. Some learners are extroverts. They are quite active and eager to exchange their opinions in my classroom, and I often use tasks involving in collaborative work, including games and discussions. Others are quite introverted, they keep silent and never like to share their opinions, or take part in the above activities so I have to design writing tasks such as writing letters, analyzing their favorite topic in the lesson, etc. In addition, I take the opportunity to talk individually to understand his /her own learning purpose. Some of them have integrative purposes but others have instrumental ones and then I use the most suitable method to help them. Some of them would like to learn English to read books, newspapers, and watch English movies English to improve their knowledge and...
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