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The Management Action Plan (MAP) provides hospital executive management with criteria for appointing leadership in the Team Leads Program. The MAP further serves to document team leader decisions and to provide a forum for assigning responsibility within each department. The MAP will include target dates and completion dates for measuring progress of the Team Leads Program. Finally the MAP will serve as an implementation guide. The Director Operations developed the following MAP for the Team Leads Program to include all of the recommendations in this report. A recommended priority has been assigned for each recommendation. Use this MAP as is, or adapt it to a form that works best for each team leader department. The Amputee and Prosthetic Center Team Leads Rewards Program Objectives

Support strong relationship between the team leader and employee contributions which enhances core values of the Team Leads Program. Reward performance which directly supports the achievement of the team leads program objectives. Attract and retain team leaders who contributed to the organization’s overall success Provide the opportunity for significant compensation based on organizational annual performance. Speaker Notes:

The Amputee and Prosthetic Center Team Leads Rewards Program The purpose of the Team Leads rewards program is to acknowledge and reward departmental team leaders and employees of the Amputee and Prosthetic Center for exceptional performance within the organization. The Team Leads Rewards Program is based on departmental employee performance results. Eligibility:

Plan participants will include: The Amputee and Prosthetic Center employees who are promoted to team leader.
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