Leadership and Change Final

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Leadership and Change
Module Leader: Vincent Traynor

Name: Sameer Panchal
Student ID no.: 24041719
Date: 28th November 2014
Module Code: 44-7865-00N

Personal Leadership and Personal Change (Part 1) 3
Critique of theories and concepts (Part 2) 13

Personal Leadership and Personal Change
(Part 1)
Word Count: 1700

Introduction 5
Changes you wanted to go through and those you had to go through 5
Personal levels of engagement with other students and the tutors 7
The process by which you learn 8
How you have gone about getting support through any challenging periods since the start of the MBA 10
Conclusion 10
References 12

This report outlines the personal reflection of my enrolment in the MBA program. The report underpins theoretical discussion to support the analysis of my challenges, learning and engagement throughout the MBA program. From a printing-oriented family to a business school, I undertook a complete transition in my personality, learning style, engagement level and learning process. Thus this report exemplifies how I developed engagement level and has gone through different learning process to overcome the challenges faced during transition to MBA program. The overall experience of mine is quite good and demonstrates a successful transition and change in the personality and thinking of myself. The report will further entail a conclusion accommodating the overall analysis and summary of the discussion.
Changes you wanted to go through and those you had to go through
My journey of MBA is no less than a bumpy road. Belonging to a printing-oriented family, my decision to go into the business field was quite unexpected. I knew that I will have to go through a number of changes from developing an analytical mind set to adopt a vibrant and enthusiastic personality. Being a slow started I wanted to become self-motivated to pursue the beginning of my MBA with grabbing more knowledge

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