Topics: Big Five personality traits, Openness to experience, Leadership Pages: 3 (458 words) Published: June 12, 2014
Rashad M Shepperson
Prof. Diana Kyser McNeff
12 June 2014
Toying with Success: The McFarlane Toy Company

The Video “Toying with Success,” by McGraw-Hill Higher Education provided a glimpse into Todd McFarlane’s leadership traits, values and behaviors. The video featured a discussion on Todd McFarlane two most important elements to successfully generate wealth, entrepreneurship and knowledge.

What leadership traits, behaviors, and values does Todd McFarlane exhibit as a leader? According to the video Todd is described as being a neurotic artist and a leader who has the fiduciary responsibility (artistic-mined & business-minded) of running the company. Todd likes to think more of himself as being neurotic. Todd’s personality and values are key components of his character. Character can be defined as a person’s fundamental beliefs and public reputation (Richard L. Hughes, 2009). Todd McFarlane exhibit three sources of power as a leader. First, we look at the job and the role he played (role power). The second source is personality power. Here Todd used is personality to encourage greater productivity and accomplishment of other tasks. Thirdly, the most underestimated of all - knowledge power (GOODWIN, 2009). The fact that Todd is well versed in his craft propelled his company to excel in the toying industry. The video clearly points out Todd’s natural gifts in his craft and his ability to manage money, but as far as his leadership abilities they are subjective to the writer. This writer believes Todd’s greatest assets entailed components of the creative intelligence model (synthetic ability, analytic intelligence, practical intelligence, thinking style, intrinsic motivation, and environmental factors) which was valuable to his success. Furthermore, Todd’s personality traits consisted of the five factor model of personalities mentioned in the text, urgency, agreeableness, adjustment, openness to experience, and dimensions (Richard L....

Cited: GOODWIN, C. (2009). Supervisor 's Survival Kit 10TH ED. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.
Richard L. Hughes, R. C. (2009). Leadership: Enhancing The Lessons of experience. New York, NY,10020: McGraw-Hill/ Irwin, a business unit of the McGraw-Hill companies, Inc.
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