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In today’s demanding workplace, managers are constantly challenged to find new and innovative ways to involve and motivate employees and affect positive change that improves the company’s bottom line. The Organizational Leadership and Communication Certificate Program focuses on the practical skills professionals need to develop and maintain in order to lead others and be an agent of change.( http://unex.uci.edu/areas/business_mgmt/leadership_comm/)

1 understand what is meant by ‘leadership’ and ‘governance’ Organizational Leadership
Leadership is a significant tache and component for supporting the normal operation of organizations, communities and societies (University of San Francisco 2013) University of San Francisco, 2013-2014, Programs in Organization and Leadership, viewed 20 March 2014, http://www.usfca.edu/catalog/soe/ol/L

For giving the services to the others, the functionality of leadership need to be more improved. Thus the definition of the leadership turns into complex and complicated. In the meanwhile, the world economy becomes integration, and the skills of individuals who managers or leaders are working with are changing. Which demonstrates that the organizations rely on the transformational leadership(DEANNE, DEN & PAUL 2011).

DEANNE, N, DEN & PAUL, K 2011, Leadership in Organizations, Handbook of industrial, Work& Organizational Psychology, SAGE Publications. Matthew (2009) presents five perspectives of leadership by using the strategy thinking The first perspective of leadership is management leadership. The core hypothesis is the chaos domination. Briefly, the leaders make the whole process predictable and provable; as a consequence, the outcomes meet the regular target. The second perspective is outstanding Management leadership the same issue that relate to the disorder control, dissimilarly, employee begin to participate in the management to improve the chaos. The third perspective is converting values leadership. The chaos is not dominated here, instead, individuals influence the disorders by enhance their values. The fourth perspective states the culture background of leadership. Apparently, a trust environment has an essential effective on the organizational goal. Employees is encouraged and inspired in the trust culture, therefore, wisely execution will be form effortlessly. The last perspective is non-control leadership. Inherent order is manifested in the apparent disorders. Finally, leaders develop the best in the employees to achieve the preconceived goal. Which is the spiritual goal of leadership? To sum up, Matthew(2009) illustrates the definition of leadership gradually and shows the soul of the leadership by analyzing chaos area of leadership. On the other hand, in the diverse circumstance, the leadership need the different obligations and ability. For instance, influence relationships, cognitive versus emotional orientation, abilities of leaders, individual traits, personality versus organization direction, and appeal to self versus collective interests can be emphasized in the leadership definition (DEANNE, DEN & PAUL 2011). Majority of leadership definitions focus on three main elements: influence, group and goal (Bryman ,1992 cited in DEANNE, DEN & PAUL 2011). He indicates that leadership is a procedure of social influence that a leader steers group members towards a goal. Consequently, leadership shows the various definitions in diverse environment and culture. Matthew(2009) tend to ideas of leaders but Deanne, Den& Paul focus on the traits. Nevertheless, the refined definitions of leadership are still emerging , and the primary focus usually remains on the goals or outcomes of the organization(DEANNE, DEN & PAUL 2011).The core notion of leadership is to organize group toward goal achievement.

Matthew R. F, Ph.D.,2009,’ Leadership and Organizational Strategy’ The Public Sector Innovation Journal, Volume 14(1), article 3....
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