Management vs Leadership: Coach Knight vs Coach K

Topics: Mike Krzyzewski, Leadership, Bob Knight Pages: 3 (928 words) Published: August 14, 2013
Management vs. Leadership: Coach Knight and Coach Krzyzewski Cristen S. Carpenter
Grand Canyon University: LDR600
July 17, 2013

Management vs. Leadership: Coach Knight and Coach Krzyzewski
Effective management and leadership are as imperative to the success of athletic coaches as they are in the business world. Coach Bobby Knight (CBK) and Coach Mike Krzyzewski (CMK) are recognized as being two of the most influential and successful coaches in athletics. This case study will examine the leadership and management characteristics and traits each coach exhibits, examine which roll, leadership or management, either coach’s characteristics favor and will how each coach’s methods affect their effectiveness respectively. Management and Leadership Characteristics and Traits

Many people confuse leadership and management as the same concept in that they share similar characteristics, yet they are different. Managers follow policies and procedures creating order, stability and consistency in turn reducing chaos. Leaders inspire others and have enough flexibility to take big risks leading to innovation, change and movement. Both concepts require power to gain followers. The five power bases are: legitimate, reward and coercive power bases, which are aligned with positional power, and referent and expert bases, associated with personal power (Northouse, 2004). The trait approach focuses on certain traits found in great leaders. The six most recognized leadership traits are drive, desire to lead, honesty and integrity, self-confidence, cognitive ability and knowledge of business (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1991). CBK and CMK possess an immeasurable passion for teaching and leading. Both possess all of the leadership characteristics mentioned above, proven to be great leaders with record setting, enviable results to show. Below, each coach’s leadership characteristics, traits and styles will be addressed separately. Coach Bobby Knight

CBKs leadership skills...

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You did an excellent job identifying the styles of leadership, how the various traits were affected by them, and correlating them to the actions of these two coaches. You only had a few writing mechanics errors, which really did not detract from the fluency of the paper. Your APA format was great. Overall, this was a very good paper and I am looking forward to working with you this term.
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