Leaders Are Born Not Made

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Story by John Mulder.
(Steven Lewis) accepts the facts that it is true there are born leaders and also attribute the qualities to be good communication, intelligence and winsomeness. But he also argues that there are men and women that became leaders not because they were born to be, but because they were called to lead. He says also that the vitality of an organization and community rest on the largely measured form of identifying and nurturing and even training for leadership. A mythology example of leadership in America who are born not made in life’s of churches says (Stephen Lewis), National Director of Calling Education in Atlanta, Georgia. “They think it’s between you and God, and only after you receive your personal call does a congregation become involved. What we want to do is to help congregations see that its part of their own calling to raise up a new generation of Leaders. We want them to recognize themselves as communities of call”.(Rev. Lewis) this initiative is to create an infrastructural of callings and awakening the imaginations of people to recognize their own callings amongst congregations, church judicatories and church related organizations. (Rev. Lewis) reflects on his story of how he became a priest. His entry was delayed after years of obtaining a degree in business school at university of North Carolina at Charlotte and worked in the financial Institutions “Though he recognized the deep calling the whole time” he said. Furthermore, he recalls before entering the church he was allowed to put up his paintings, and what he also remembered vividly was (Mrs. Mary Pearson), telling him that “God has his hands on you”. (Rev. Lewis) emphasis that it was not only one person, but the whole community was aware of his calling. He was also encouraged by the community and to him; it had just seemed that the freedom, openness and depth had made that difference. However the need for Calling Congregation Initiative is urgent as many denominations of national offices of vocation in the 1950’s-1960 were abolished stated, (Rev. Lewis). This easily increased the need for nurturing future leaders and identifying them. Most importantly, (Rev. Lewis), the Calling Congregations Initiative found three crucial methods to develop the vocation care movement: Relationships amongst persons in a vocation This is when a community is able to care for its own and that means they must have being able to explore their own vocation”, (Rev. Lewis) Sense of vocation with communities (Rev. Lewis) states that “We have to help people get beyond the notion of a call as individual thing. It only happens when one person is bounded to another”. Vocation Stories (Rev. Lewis) also emphasis “ Only by telling your own story do you discover your own vocation, and only by narrating it can you inspire others and awaken them to the fact that they too may have a call”.

Thus (Rev. Lewis) tells a story of people in the Calling Congregations Initiative is increasingly moving. Citing an example of a pastor with a large congregation in United Methodist church that preaches about ‘calling”. He planned to issue an altar call on the last Sunday and congregations were alerted. That day came and the turn over was immensely profounding with an attendance of 467 worshipers and 33 women and men came forward. “If we create the space for calling, if we really ask the deepest questions about life and it’s meaning”, Rev. Lewis says, “We will be amazed at how many people we would find. They will say ‘My life matters’.’ My congregation matters’. We would find a robust group of people who will come forward”. He says”This program is a contradiction of that narrative of decline, which comes out of a theology of scarcity. We need to realize that we’ve inherited a theology of abundance. What we’re doing is both a contradiction of and a protest against decline.” Finally (Rev. Lewis) also adds “We do want to change the world. We do believe the churches are shapers of...
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