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4-MAT Book Review 3

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Lead 510 –B01
Biblical Foundations of Leadership


Joseph DeJesus
March 7, 2015


In the book “The Making of a Leader” Clinton discusses what it means to be a leader. He gives us the formula of what it takes to become a leader. Clinton does a wonderful job at revealing the process, and the cost of what it means to be a leader. He makes it very clear, throughout the book that effective ministry flows from who we are and not just what we do.

A major part of the book is on how God develops a leader over time. Many young leaders don’t understand that there is a process that one has to go through in order to lead others. That process does not happen overnight. In fact the process never stops. God is always processing us to serve Him and His church better. These times of processing can occur because of crises, illness, persecution or discipline, self-choice, or providential circumstances.1 These moments of process are times where God teaches us life and leadership lessons. We are not only shaped by our training but also by our experiences.

This book will help those who are trying to understand the stages of ministry. The Making of a Leader provides a map and the direction needed to reach our goals as a leader. Through the lives of many leaders that Clinton has studied, he provides insight into understanding and identifying the characteristics of an effective leader. This book challenges you to understand where you are as a leader. This book will help anyone who needs help to process what is happening as God works behind the scenes. It will help the leader who needs to learn how to anticipate the future, understand their past and respond to God’s direction in their lives. Clinton offers the reader clear practical lessons and ideas that any leader can put into practice regardless of where they are on the leadership ladder.

The Making of a Leader is a relevant discussion of what leadership is supposed to be and how we get there. As you read the text it will cause you to reflect on your own experiences and understanding of what leadership is. As a result the reader will feel challenged to make the necessary changes in his or her leadership. It has a high level of spiritual content. The book is geared towards ministry leaders. Anyone who desires to be a better leader would do well to read this book. Clinton makes it clear that leadership evolves and emerges over a lifetime.2

Concrete Response
The book brought to memory an experience that occurred almost fifteen years ago last month. It was a church that I was asked to pastor. The church was established several years before. It was a growing church but a church with problems. The pastor of the church continued to have difficulties with the board and along with his sickness was unable to continue.

As I began to pastor this church I noticed that one of the members of the church had great influence over many of the board members and others within the church. This man had been in other churches and had caused great harm. He taught a Sunday school class that allowed him to have influence over people within the church.

Deep down inside this man wanted to be the pastor of the church. This could not have happened because he did not have the credentials nor the experience to pastor. Every church he had been a part of he made it very difficult for the pastor to lead the church in effective ministry. He was a good bible teacher but he did not have the character to support his teaching. His integrity was called into question on many occasions. His wife was known for being a gossiper and someone who could not keep something said to her in confidence.

This man had the talent...

Bibliography: Clinton, J Robert. The Making of a Leader: Recognizing the Lessons and Stages of Leadership Development Colorado Springs, CO: Navy Press, 2012.
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