Lawn Tennis

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(Unit 1)
1.1 History-
Lawn tennis has become the most popular game in recent time in the whole world. Its various tournaments have also become very expensive. Regarding the origin of lawn tennis, after analysis of certain facts, it can be said that the game was first played only on grass in France in 12th ball over a mound. To start with, tennis was played by monks. But later on, it became the favorite sport of kings and aristocrats. After that it diverted subsequently to middle classes. The credit to develop this game goes to Major W.C Wingfield who introduced lawn tennis in 19th century in England. The first tennis club was established in 1872 at Leamington, Spain. The first Wimbledon Championship was held in1877 for men only. The competitions for women were started in Wimbledon Championship in 1884. The game of Lawn Tennis remained in Olympic Games till 1924. The Lawn Tennis was again included in Seoul Olympics i.e. in 1988.

1.2 Latest Rules of Lawn Tennis-
1. Choice of Sides and Service. The choice of sides or server or receiver is decided by a toss. The player, who wins the toss, may choose the right of serve or to be receiver or the side/end. 2. Server and Receiver. The player, who serves first, is called server and the player who receives the service is called receiver. 3. Service. The player who performs service stands with both the feet behind the base line. His feet should be in stationary position. In this position, he should project the ball in the air with his hand and strike it with his racket before it hits the ground. The service is completed, when the racket strikes the ball. 4. Service Fault. A service is a fault:

(a) If the service misses the ball or is unable to strike the ball; (b) If after the completion of service, the ball goes out of court; (c) If the ball served drops anywhere except in the service court; (d) If the server commits a foot fault.

If the service is a fault, the server should serve again from the same half of the court from where he commits a fault. 5. Let. A service is a let:
(a) If the ball touches the net, band or strap but is good service; (b) If it touches the receiver before hitting the ground; (c) If the receiver is not ready when the service is delivered. 6. Order of Service. The service of the first game will be the receiver in the second game and the receiver of the first game shall be the server in second game and in subsequent games the order of service will be changed alternately. 7. Scoring. The points in tennis are called love i.e. zero, 15, 30, 40, Deuce, Advantage and Game. If there is no point it is called love. If a player wins first point, it is called 15. If a player gets second point it is called 30. If a player gets third point, it is called 40. If a player gets fourth point, it is called game, provided his opponent does not have more than 30, means second point. If each player wins three points i.e. 40 all, the score is called deuce. If one of the players gets one point after deuce, it is called advantage to that player. If he wins next point, he wins the game, but if his opponent wins the point it will be again deuce. The same system will be adopted till one of the players gets two points consecutively. The player who first wins six games in a set, unless both players have won five games, then it takes an advantage of two games to win. 8. Change of Sides or Ends. The player will change the sides or ends at the end of 1st, 3rd and every subsequent alternate game of each set, unless the total number of games in each set is in even number. In such a case the change is not done until the end of the first game of the next set. In case of any mistake, it will be corrected as soon as it is discovered and original sequence will be followed. 9. Winning a Point. A server wins a point, if the receiver fails to make a good return or the ball touches him or his uniform or loses the rally. A...
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