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In this task I shall compare and contrast the roles and functions of judges, lawyers and lay people in the English legal courts.

There are two types of judges, superior judges and inferior judges in the UK. The superior judges are entitled to work in the higher courts such as, the court of Appeal, and the House of Lords. Whereas, inferior judges work in the lower courts in the hierarchy such as crown courts and supreme courts. Superior judges are called district judges and inferior judges are called circuit judges. District judges are full-time judges who deal with the majority of cases in the county courts. These judges are appointed by the queen and mainly deal with claims and other matters within the court. However, Circuit judges are appointed to one of seven regions of England and Wales, and sit in the crown and county courts within their particular region. The difference between both judges is that, superior judges are more experienced as compared to the inferior judges, they have a minimum experience of 20 years but inferior judge has less experience so therefore, they have to do some training. Superior judges wear long wigs and extravagant gowns; however, inferior judges also wear the same but a bit shorter. For superior judges their salaries are a lot higher compared to inferior judges. In criminal courts juries look upon the factors and decide if the verdict is guilty or not, whereas the judge looks on the law and decides the sentence. On the other hand, the judges in civil cases decide if the verdict is liable or not beyond reasonable doubt and if the verdict needs to pay injunctions.

Barristers & Solicitors

Barristers are lawyers who argue a clients case where as Solicitors prepare paper work and usually handle civil cases which includes divorces, wills for husband and wife, suing someone and offering no win no fee personal injury claims, they sit and work in the lower courts which are the magistrate’s courts and county courts....
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