LAW-301 Assignment 1

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June 28th, 2014
Assignment #1

Case Studies
1 & 2

Case Study #1: Students for Fair Tuition and GSU President (incl. Mrs. Pimply)

In the case of the "Students for Fair Tuition" and Giant State University's employees (Mrs. Pimply and the GSU President) there were many notable concerns and events that took place that create valid reasoning to review possibility of crime having been committed on that day. A tort is once again not a criminal act, but rather a small offense usually handled on a civil level where as crimes (for being of more extreme concerns of law violations) would be handled on a federal/governmental level.

From the beginning when Steve Steel and his hostile appearing student mob of protestors forcefully barge their way into the secretary's office of Mr. Chandeler of which was run by the secretary Prudence Pimply there is clear act of negligence. Since negligence is any failure from a party to condition or maintain reasonable caution that could result in any form of damage to a possible victim there are potentially multiple forms of this. Steve and his students forced their way into the office of Mrs. Pimply and even went as far as to purposely damage University property when trying to kick down the door to the president's office and office property of Mrs. Pimply even when slapping the phone out of her hand. This shows clear acts of negligence, but now with the interaction only slightly described between Steve and his students and with Mrs. Pimply can bring more concerns of unlawful acts. Mrs. Pimply of which was just at the current location during that time doing her normal daily job at the University when unexpectantly being approached and forced into hostile interaction with Steve Steel. Upon this interaction she had a weapon which looked flawlessly real to the eye, but was fake was pointed at her head with threats to blow her head off if she was to reach for a way of contacting police or try and escape. The gun of course as described was fake, but because there was no standard markings on the gun visible anymore by law to show that it was not a real gun it must be considered the same as a real weapon with possible harmful and fatal abilities. There was assault and battery with Steve slapping the phone out of her hand since she was holding it even though the attack did not directly strike her it still struck something attached directly to her. Also assault and battery is more prevalent because of the threats that were directed at her which are to be combined with the pure physical attacks as well and actually Assault and Battery began from the moment when they forced their way into the office building with premeditated intent to cause threatening actions with possible harmful outcomes. Barricading the president's office even though he was sleeping could be considered a form of false imprisonment on that level since the only exit could possible be a window or roof escape hatch if that could have even been considered a safe non-fatal alternative at that, but truthfully would most likely not be pursued or charged under the unique circumstances. Wrongful imprisonment and preventing from calling the police could also be applied to Mrs. Pimply for Steve threatening to kill her with his gun if she attempted to escape/call the police and also when she attempted prior to hostile actions when the phone was struck out of her hands by Steel.

All in all in personal opinion there was a minor crime committed and many torts in the event that had happened. Steve Steel had caused an unjust act against an innocent woman at work which led her to needed heavy medication to maintain her mental state while working at the very least because she had thought she was possibly going to be killed while doing her job. She may not have any physical trauma to her body from such attacks that occurred, but the mental trauma is still a severe form of end results of assault and battery at the least and...
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