Labor Laws and Unions Ford Motor

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Labor Laws and Unions

December 17, 2012

Labor Laws and Unions
The Ford Motor Company is the largest automobile manufacture in the world. The company later became unionized. The subject of this paper is to identify legal issues and obstacles that the Ford Motor company could encounter, determine which federal, state, or local laws could be broken because of the legal issues and why and provide recommendations of minimizing litigations.

Labor Law and Union: Ford Motor Company
The Ford Motor Company was established by Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan, in 1903 (Bellis, 2012). With the use of the first assembly line, Ford became known for the development of mass production. Henry Ford gained notoriety by shortening the workday of his employees, paying his workers high wages and believing unionization was not necessary (Bellis, 2012). On June 20th 1941 the Ford Motor Company signed its first contract with the United Automobile Workers of America and Congress of Industrial Organizations (UAW – CIO) ("Ford Signs First Contract With Autoworkers' Union," 2012). The Ford Motor company employs about 164,000 people and recorded revenues of $136,264 million during the financial year ending December 2011 (Research & Markets, 2012.) Legal Issues and Obstacles Ford Could Encounter

The Ford Motor Company could encounter legal issues and obstacles on the employment laws. It is unlawful for management to discriminate in employment because of union activities (Cascio, 2011, p. 517). Ford Motor Company is the largest automobile manufacturer in the world in which union and non-union workers are employed. The Ford Motor company must adhere to the Equal Employment Opportunity law in hiring and promoting workers. The management at Ford Motor Company must follow contract laws in that the company has signed a labor contract with the union. Employees should have the right to have a bargaining agent and The National Labor Relations Act of 1935...

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