Lab report - mass and acceleration

Topics: Velocity, Acceleration, General relativity Pages: 4 (923 words) Published: February 19, 2014
Investigation between mass and acceleration
Stage 1 - Planning
Title: Investigating acceleration – How does changing the mass of an object change its acceleration?

Introduction: As the speed of moving object and rate, the forces acting on the object, the mass of the object, and gravitational force of it might affect the acceleration, I will investigate about the mass of the object.

Aim: I will try to answer the question “How does changing the mass of an object change its acceleration?” which is to find the relationship between the mass of an object and the acceleration rate.

Hypothesis: I think that a trolley with a large mass will accelerate slower than a trolley with a small mass.

Apparatus: Ramp, blocks, trolley, string, masses (50g, 100g, 1kg), pulley, stop clock, sticky tape, laptop, data logger, two light gates (Labeled diagram indicated below)

(Photo by: “Yenka simulations – Road Science”,

Method for collection of data:
Independent variable --- Mass of trolley, steepness of the ramp Dependent variable --- Acceleration, time taken
Constant variable --- Temperature, slope, starting point, ending point, etc. 1. Fasten the pulley to one end of the ramp, and place it near the end of the bench 2. Put some blocks under the other end of the ramp.

3. Push the trolley gently. If it slows down and stops, put another block under the end of the ramp. If it speeds up, take a block away. Adjust the slope of the ramp so that the trolley keeps moving. 4. Fasten the string to the trolley, run it over the pulley, and fasten the 50 g, hanging mass to the other end. 5. Put two light gates between the trolley and the hanging mass. 6. Connect data logger to your laptop and to the two light gates. 7. Put 500g (5 x 100g) on the trolley. Use sticky tape to hold it on if needed. 8. Click the “start” button and let go of the trolley.

9. Record the initial velocity, the final...
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