Korean Wave Hanryu

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Korean Wave
Hanryu, the Korean wave refers to the significant increase in the popularity of South Korean entertainment, trends and culture beginning in the 1990s, especially in countries of Asia, and more recently in other parts of the world. It presents a prodigious surge in the international visibility of Korean culture. The terminology was coined in mid-1999 by Beijing journalists, appalled by the fast growing popularity of Korean wave in China. The wave is more than a mere cultural phenomenon; In 2011 based on international activities, the Hanryu added approximately USD$ 3.8billion dollars of revenue to the South Korea economy, transacting as a momentum to multi-national trades. At this juncture, it could be deemed that the more fiscal benefits and reputation would be afforded, if the trend continues, however, many contemporary scholars and experts conjecture that due to the several flaws and disaccords with idiosyncrasies in exotic culture, the Korean wave, Hanryu is faced with anti-wave activities. Some protests and acts are occasionally too severe that further Hanryu activities in the area are taken into considerations of retreating. Of course, major populations do not admit such criticism; however, it is true that the pertinent time to reorganize and introspect has come.

Mostly people agree on the fact that today’s Korean wave has peculiar meaning to both Korea and other ardent countries. The wave has brought not only economic benefits, but also influential political power. For example, this culture boom has changed many Japanese having negative feelings towards Koreans and vice versa. In actuality, since the 19th century opening of Japan, under the duress of USA, on the whole Japanese people have sought and admired western popular culture, predominantly that of the Americans only. They had been used to overlook and never sought other Asia countries culture frenetically. However, nowadays, Japan is considered to be a novel path of gaining popularity...
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