Korea, China and Japan

Topics: People's Republic of China, Korea, Culture Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: December 12, 2012
For more than 200 countries in the world, neighboring countries have the most compassionate ties above all. They may have some things viewed differently, but at least they share some basic traits and culture. However, this is not the case of the countries Korea, China and Japan. These three countries are so close yet so far.

The prominent endurance of the civilization of the Chinese along with its phenomenal technological and economic progress, other cultures began to imitate China. Japan and Korea were all dragged into China's political and cultural orbit in the postclassical period. These two territories interacted with China differently, causing them to develop different cultural patterns adapted to local conditions. In all of the areas, Buddhism played a principal role in cultural transformation. Indian culture slowly went out of the picture through China passed on to these other regions. Buddhism also provided links between Korea and Japan.

Although these nations are so indifferent, it cannot be denied that at one point in time Koreans, Chinese and Japanese have also constantly interacted with each other, but only to a certain degree. Each nation didn’t want their country to be inferior, so they distant themselves from others and assemble their own unique and renowned history.

China, having the biggest territory among the three countries, considered itself as the center of the world. They set aside minority races and put them all together into one hug unified culture known as the Han culture. The concept of China’s spirit is “Yi” meaning unity and peace. However, this meant for them as “peace for unity”, they like border countries like Korea to allow invasions from them and make Korea their vassal country. The most important value in China is “one.” Absolute authority and a unified country is what the Chinese mean to acquire peace. This oneness has been the fundamental policy of China, it doesn’t...
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