Culture Convergence

Topics: Globalization, Culture, Western culture Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: October 22, 2008
Culture convergence due to ‘modernization’ or ‘globalization’

Since early days, time and distance has become borderless as business entities begin to grow and spread their roots all over the world. It becomes unavoidable for one country without being any related to other countries in any business. Each and every individual have their own culture and being proud of it, but when the relation between two entities (individuals or countries) happens, the cultures may converge due to obtain mutual understanding and avoid a conflict.

Adjustment of cultures could take place in form of finding a new culture by adopting several old positive cultures. This kind of alteration could happen in a kind of corporate culture. For example, the popular ethics of works of Japanese people became globalize through all over the world and unconsciously, it becomes a new culture in many companies in the worlds. Moreover, globalization in dietary culture turns out to be popular in term of fulfilling satisfaction of individual, and responding curiosity of trying something new.

However, when it comes to family culture, class culture, individual (or country) tends to keep their own culture and stick to what they believe in. Western people think that their culture is more civilized than eastern cultures, while Eastern people think that theirs is more pure and sincere compare to manipulated western cultures. In addition, when individual or country thinks that they are already ‘modern’ or ‘global’, they try to move ‘back to their own culture’, digging their own heritage and try to keep it everlasting.

Culture is not a thing to be pushed on. It will converge naturally as it needed. When one country tries to persuade its culture to another, the quarrel will arise. The annexation of South Korea by Japan took place in form of ‘culture modernization and globalization’. And it also happened in entire South East Asia, Japan Imperialism pressed on their culture in the name of...
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