Japanese Imperialism

Topics: Empire of Japan, Meiji period, Japan Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: March 29, 2013

In the early 20th century, the imperialistic ambitions of Japan made several, significant impacts on various countries. After the success of Japan’s modernization, they wanted to declare to the world how powerful their nation had become. The Japanese began their quest for their empire by occupying Korean. As harsh ruler, they forced many Koreans to do things that would only benefit themselves as a growing country. Additionally, Japan took their imperialism and aimed for China; they invaded in an attempt to gain full control of China. As Japan began to imperialize foreign nations to build their dominant empire, they made many historical impacts on these nations.

Japan had made a great impact of imperialism on many countries including Korea. As a small, isolated country, Japan lacked many essential resources. To obtain these resources, Japan wanted to not only trade, but eventually conquer East Asia. Eventually, Japan decided to take over Korea. In 1910, Japan officially annexed Korea, bringing them under Japanese rule. The imperialistic aims of Japan brought cruelty to Korea. The Japanese shut down Korean newspapers and took control of Korean schools. Furthermore, Korean farmers were deprived of their own land, and they were forced to hand it over to Japanese settlers. Also, Koreans were forced to replace Korean last names with Japanese last names. According to Richard E. Kim, his Japanese teacher told him to go home and return with his new Japanese last name. So, Richard and his father went to the police station to replace their last name to ‘Iwamoto.’ It was thought to be a disgrace and humiliation to the ancestors of not only Richard, but all of those Koreans who lost their family name. (Lost Names: Scenes from a Korean Boyhood.) Another example of poor treatment of the Koreans would be the comfort women. During Japanese occupation, many women were forced to be sex-slaves for the...
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