Knit Garments of Bangladesh; Problem & Prospect

Topics: Invoice, Shipping, Clothing, Pro forma, Cargo / Pages: 4 (763 words) / Published: May 13th, 2013
Apparel Merchandising
Module code : AMM306
MD. Rabiul islam
Semester : 6th
Apparel Merchandising work flow and business analysis.
Operation stepladder in Merchandising process
Start to end considering an order
Profiling, communication, introducing

Business Development

Product (Garments) Development

Manual, CAD/CAM

Design Development

Buyer/ Suppliers


Order confirmation

Price Quotation

Master L/C opening

Order projection

Product Package Received

B.B L/C opening
Time & Action plan
Raw Materials Booking

Proforma Invoice sending
Purchase order Received
Production plan

Pre-Production sampling
Lab Dip/ strike- off processing
Photo sampling
Production sampling

Inventory/ Procurement
Pre-Production Meeting
In- House


Fit sampling
Size-set sampling

Mid-Line inspection
Pre- Final inspection
In line inspection

Quality Controlling
Further order Development
Recording all Documents and Information for Repeat order
Payment Release
Shipping sampling
Packing List sending
Monitoring/ Supervision/ On-Time Shipment
Final Inspection
Bill of Lading send
Vessel Booking
Shipping/ Container loading

Fit sampling

Buyers obligation to the Manufacturer or Merchandiser: High quality of products ( Garments). Competitive price . Quality confirmations. Competitive lead time. On time shipment. Style variation. Quick response. High & quality product. Social compliance(Availability in industry). Safety & hazard- less workplace. Abiding by the company Act or cord of conduct. Banking, Political, social stability. G.S.P facility. Business security. A sample time & action plan in AppAarel Manufacturing (industry & Merchandising) S.L | Time or Date | Action | 1 | 02.01.12 | Got confirmation on export order | 2 | 04.01.12 | Relieved Master L/C from buyer |

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