Textile Industry Case Study

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Textile industry
Textile industry is an industry that manufactures products range from hi-tech synthetic yams to wool fabrics, cotton bed linen to industrial filters. According to Mr Settimi the sector employs over 205 million workers and majority of those workers are women. Industry includes the following divisions: initial processing of textile raw materials, fulling and felting, and the production of cotton fabrics, linen fabrics, wool fabrics, silk fabrics, nonwoven materials, hemp and jute, netting, textile clothing accessories and notions, and knitwear. Textile products are used in the manufacture of clothing and footwear and in other sectors of industry, such as the furniture industry and machine...

4. Risk control
This step involves minimising the risk of hazards by design and implementation of a physical risk management programme.
The company can start by educating the workers how to use the materials’ in a safer way so that they can be able to avoid most of the risk. The workers can only clean the store or factory when is closed or when they are about knock off, use doormats at the entrance in wet weather. The company must have good lighting in all areas. This will save a lot of money and
Time, will also help the textile industry to reduce the risks that exposure to the workers and the company. (Smith, 2010:6)
Three different responses to risk that the textile can use are:
Other risks cannot be avoided the only thing that textile industry is to accept them. Risks such as using material that has chemicals, the only thing the workers are able to do to reduce the risk is to wear a procedure mask on the nose so that it can help them prevent aerosols that might have a chemical or bacteria a from causing an illness even if it won’t 100% protect...
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