Kindle Fire Executive Summary

Topics: Digital rights management,, Amazon Kindle Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: February 6, 2012
A new tablet enters the market almost every month. However, Amazon’s Kindle Fire has declared war upon its competitors especially Apple’s iPad. It has become popular because of its affordable price in a market that is mainly dominated by the iPad. But the question remains: can it take on the market leader for tablets? Although the advertising and marketing campaigns have made the Kindle Fire’s unveiling successful, many shortcoming compared to the iPad cannot be ignored. The Amazon tablet does not carry an onboard camera. This can be a big deterrent to many perspective customers whom seek this basic feature that has almost standard on all portable communication devices. No 3G capability also limits the target customer base to those who plan on accessing the internet exclusively in wireless zones. Moreover, 8GB of storage compared to iPad’s 16GB is another reason why the Kindle Fire’s selling price is so low. The Kindle Fire’s claimed battery life is two hours less than iPad’s 10 hour expectancy. Also, Bluetooth technology has not been integrated into the Kindle Fire. Besides these shortcomings, the Amazon tablet does have upsides that have helped increase its reputation. The price difference is the greatest argument that can be made when one deliberates the pros and cons of the Kindle Fire. It also weighs less than the iPad, possibly due to the smaller screen size. The Kindle Fire did not spare too much in terms of performance and is in many ways, just as proficient as the iPad for basic users. Both devices run on 512 MB of RAM and 1 GHz dual processors that make watching movies, reading books and magazines, listening to music and playing games much the same. Customers who are considering buying either tablet should ask themselves what they really require from their device. There is no question that the iPad iOS technology is much preferred over Kindle Fire’s Android operating system in a market where Apple is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of...
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