A Compare and Contrast of the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet

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Compare and Contrast
Lisa Connor
February 19, 2011
Dana Smith

Compare and Contrast
Scores of consumers are discussing the two well-known reading tablets called the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet. Shoppers are trying to determine which e-reader offers the best quality and features. After conducting an objective study, considerable elements were accurately established in relation to these products. The Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet have many similarities; however, they show noticeable differences within the content, ease of use, battery life, and storage. The greatest difference between these two products is in relation to content. The Kindle Fire has a generous selection of applications whereas the Nook Tablet‘s selection is average. Many of the e-books used with the Kindle Fire are sold at considerably reduced prices or are free (Johnston, 2011). The Nook Tablet charges at least three dollars for e-books presented as free selections with the Kindle Fire. In addition, the Kindle Fire is compatible with applications from a number of other companies while the Nook Tablet has minimal compatibility for use with other companies (Johnston, 2011). Buyers also determined that having access to Kindle Fire’s supreme application selection, partnered with lower fees, enhance its ease of use.

Nevertheless, there are some disparaging accounts pertaining to the ease of use with these tablet’s touch screens. According to user reviews, the Nook Tablet’s touch screen feature is trouble- free and effortless. Users also reported that the Nook Tablet was reactive and accurate with every maneuver. Additionally, the Nook Tablet was said to have offered a well-controlled and uncomplicated reading experience. As the experts projected, readers were pleased with the preciseness of the page scrolling and page selection.

Unfortunately, the Kindle Fire’s touch screen feature did not receive the best reviews. Certain critics used the words erratic and random to describe...

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