Kindle vs. Nook Comparative Essay

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Kindle Versus Nook
College students face many challenges; they have to make sure their classwork is done well, and completed in a timely fashion. Many have to find a way to balance school and a career as well as making sure that family obligations and scholastic responsibilities are both met. With all that to deal with the last thing most students want to worry about is carrying around books. Thankfully modern technology has addressed this issue with the E-Reader. An E-Reader will allow people to carry all of the books in their school library as well as personal books and magazines, right in the palm of their hands. There are many types of E-Readers, but two companies lead the field. The first is Amazon with the Kindle. The second is Barnes and Noble with the Nook. Deciding between a Kindle and a Nook can be difficult, but factors like price, features, and specifications can help a person pick which would be best for them. One determining factor when deciding what to buy will almost always be price. Both the Kindle and Nook have various price points. On the low end, the Kindle offers a basic model for $79 (Amazon, n.d.) A unique thing about the Kindle is that Amazon offers a lower price for their products by including advertisements that play while a screensaver is up. Without those ads, the lowest price for a Kindle jumps up to$109. The lowest price for the Nook is $89 (Barnes & Noble, n.d.), for the Nook 1st edition model. The Nook offers a mid-range model, the Nook Simple Touch, for $99. The next step up in price for the Kindle is the Kindle Touch, for $99 as well (Amazon, n.d.), or $139 without ads. Kindle also has a 3G version of the Touch model available for $149, or $189 without ads. From there, both the Kindle Fire and Nook Color are available for $199 (Amazon, n.d.) (Barnes & Noble, n.d.). Coming in at the highest price is the Nook Tablet for $249. These prices are mostly determined by the features available for each model. There are a variety...

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