Key Performance Indicators Analysis

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A Key Performance Indicator best known as KPI is a measurable value that demonstrates how different organizations or institutions evaluate their success at reaching targets. This week assignments consist of reading the book “Key performance indicator”, an Excel assignment, a discussion, and a reflection paper. Through this reflection paper, I am going to talk about interesting subjects stated in the book and this week discussion.

In the book, “Key Performance Indicators” by the author, Marr, talks about conversion rate. The book states that conversion rate looks for success rate or potential customers into the actual customers. The book gives an example that says that once that any organizations have visitors or potential customers their
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I started the discussion by saying that the book “ Key Performance Indicators” says that a good key role of the marking is to create awareness and attract possible clients. However, I described that many ways to attract clients cost money, for that reason, organizations, and businesses needed to justify the cost of attracting people. I described that a good indicator KPI was the cost per lead because it helps organizations calculate how much money they have been investing in attracting future customers. For example, this KPI is a good indicator because it is used for decision-making purposes, “An organization’s marketing campaign A yield an average cost per lead of $1, whereas marketing campaign B cost $0.25 per lead” (Key Performance Indicators ). I explained that If the company only had a 1 dollar to invest in the next campaign cost per lead KPI cost per lead will recommend that they will be better investing in campaign B because it will generate more leads than campaign A. At the end I explained that the KPI, cost per lead help organizations calculate future revenue streams. I believe the main point of this discussion is to share what we thought of the material with our classmates. Sharing with my classmates made me realize that all kind of information related to discussions can be related to our personal life. Investigating more about cost per lead reaffirmed what I thought this KPI was before reading about it. I believe I can apply this type of information anywhere but especially at my

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