Topics: Pregnancy, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior Pages: 11 (2766 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Thesis in Math IV

“Teenage Pregnancy,
Who is to blame? “

Kamille de Jesus
Rina Verne Cleofas
Mario Arambulo
Kyle Montealto
Yvana Palmos
Chapter One
I. Introduction

Filipinos are suffering from the poverty, and one factor affecting is the issue of overpopulation. One of the solutions made by the government is through RH Bill. RH Bill, responsible parenthood isn’t it? As we look further more in our society, females are the one who suffers most, not just any female, teens.

Teenage pregnancy is evident in the country; the age range is 13 to 18. Most of the teens today, are subjected now to pre-marital sex, or worst to sexually transmitted diseases. This study is conducted to know what factor affects the teens today to be a “Neneng Nanay” and “Totoy na Tatay”.

II. Statement of the Problem
1. Do parents educate their children about sex education? 2. Are teenagers today aware of sex education?
3. Is the youth the one to take the blame for teenage pregnancy or there are some factors who are responsible for this case?

III. Hypothesis
1. Parents rarely teach their children about sex education because sex is sometimes awkward to talk about. Parents also lack of time for their children due to work. Most of the time teenagers learn of sex education in school instead of in home. With this, curiosity gets the most of teenagers tempting them to try “new things” and most of the time keeps them seeing past their actions. 2. Some teenagers lack of knowledge about sex education and some of them are aware but are over confident that the way they will perform the deed will not cause “unwanted pregnancy”. 3. The youth is not the one to blame for teenage pregnancy its their parents and the peers they go with. The teenagers today might not be properly guided by their respective parents in their home. The friends they hang out with had influenced them to do things which they are not meant to be doing at their age. The peers might also be influenced by media, their parents, church, or by the school.

IV. Scope and Limitation
This study will focus on the factors affecting the teenagers today to come up with such decisions in their lives. Media, peers, church, environment, school, or family may affect him/her. One or two of these factors can be blamed for a teenager to have a family at a young age unexpectedly. Through this study we may be able to come up with answers that would point out the roots of teenage pregnancy. Abortion won’t be discussed further in this study as well as Family Planning.

V. Review of Related Literature
Seven out of 10 Filipino mothers are adolescents ages 19 years old and below. As of 2010, there are at least four million young mothers in the Philippines and at least 10 mothers die during childbirth everyday based on statistics by the United Nations Family Planning Association (UNFPA). UN’s population experts contend that adolescents are particularly susceptible to unwanted pregnancy because they are often completely uninformed or worse, misinformed about sexuality and the risks associated with early and unprotected sexual activity. Some social critics argue that because pregnancy limits a teenager’s opportunities for education and well-paying jobs, many are forced to accept welfare to support themselves and their children. Only 64 percent of teen moms graduate from high school or earn a general education diploma within two years after they would have graduated compared with 94 percent of teenage girls who do not give birth. This lack of education increases the risk of poverty and welfare dependence by severely restricting a young parent’s opportunity for a lucrative job and financial independence. According to Kids Count, a project by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, “The failure to go further in school can limit the mother’s employment options and increase the likelihood that she and her family will be poor. And the...
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