Teenage Pregnancy

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Nowadays, statistics claims that teen pregnancy becomes a trend worldwide. Teenage pregnancy is a phenomenon wherein a female between the age of 13 and 19 undergoes pregnancy. Why such a thing occurs? Let’s consider the causes.

Curiosity. Majority of the female species doesn’t know much about sex. Sex education is rarely taught at schools so they do not have much knowledge about it. Trough words of mouth, they engage into sex without thinking the consequences.

Environmental Factor. Friends and colleagues are very strong factor in developing one’s personality. They affect your way of thinking and even involve in your decision making scheme. Friends are usually the ones who invite you to try new things because they have more experience than you. You are triggered anyhow by their stories and therefore out of curiosity, you deal with it. The influence of the mass media has scarcely being overestimated; Media also affects the mindset of a teenage life. With the kind of media we have, being liberated is somehow dominant.

Lack of Guidance. Guidance counseling is very important towards reaching a righteous path, be it a parental guidance or elder’s pieces of advice. A pregnant teenager probably lacks of guidance making her to do what she wants. If counseling is implemented in her, with the power of sincere words and actions, she might not involve to premarital sex.

Too Many Problems. Having many problems also result to teenage pregnancy. Sex somehow to leads as being a stress reliever, or a way to succumb her problems. A teenager might think pregnancy is a way to cope up with problems. They are not supported by their family so they think getting themselves pregnant might bother their parents. It’s their rebellious resort to show how careless their parents are. In this case, the teenager feels sorry for herself. With the aforementioned causes, teenage pregnancy is far from being impossible. Now let’s consider the...
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