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Topics: Employment, Following, Marketing Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: May 27, 2014

Department of Accounting & Information Systems

Course Code: MIST304

Semester: Spring First Semester 2013/14 Start Date:23rd April, 2014 Submission: 26th May 2014 Course Instructor:
Assessment Instrument (specify): Group Project This instrument assesses the following Course Learning Outcomes (CLO): CLOs: Maximum 20 Marks. This constitutes 20 % of the total course grade Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)

Question # covered in Assessment*
Student score
4. Work effectively in teams..

Team Project
Designing a Corporate Network: Company XYZ has over 400 employees in four different offices across the globe. The company has branches in Paris, Tokyo, and New York and its headquarters are in Los Angeles. Design a network that connects the four offices of XYZ by wide area links. The company has users in three different departments, each of which has different security and resource requirements. However, each of the physical offices has some users from each department. The financial department maintains personal and financial information that only authorized financial department employees may access. Other users should not be able to access this information. The human resources (HR) department maintains records of the employees in the company. Each employee should be able to view his or her personal information but not the information of any other employee. Those who work in the HR department should be able to access the relevant employee data necessary for them to do their job. The marketing department maintains a database of products and marketing campaign information. All employees of the company should have access to this information, but no one outside of the company should have this right. Submit a written report that includes responses to the following questions: •What type of network design...
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