ERR task B

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Task B

Bi. The terms and conditions of my employment are my contracted hours of work which is 28.75 per week. My annual leave is 125 hours per annum from January to December. Employment start date, salary. An agreement made between me and my manager, to follow policies and procedures within my setting. My job description also states I have a duty of care, Statutory Sick Pay, uniform and guidance covering hair and nails. Employer’s details, place of work and my job title. At the time of my employment an employee handbook was also handed out which sets out all company policies and procedures.

Bii. On my pay slip the following information needs to be shown Employers name
Tax code
National insurance number
Employee name
Payment date
Gross pay
Net pay
Deductions/ adjustments
Pay rate

Biii. The two changes to personal information which I must report to my employer are Change of address
Marital status

Biv. The procedure I need to follow to raise a grievance at work would be to first let the person know I am offended by their behaviour, keep a record of what is happening, if I feel the problem has not been resolved I will raise the matter with my line manager or their line manager and they will then investigate as appropriate and I will be advised of the outcome. In the case of a formal grievance there is an ACAS code of practice which is advisable to follow. ACAS works with both employer and employee to solve workplace grievances. Mediation can also be an option.

Bv. The agreed ways of working with my employer in the following areas are Data protection: never give out personal information about colleagues or service users to unauthorised people or organisations. Never disclose commercial information about company’s activities to unauthorised people or organisations. Keep all data secure and use my own log in and not share passwords. Any papers, CD’s, portable USB devices should be locked away whenever possible, cabinets and draws that...
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