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Supplemental Instruction (SI)

provided by Professor Aungst
(students should personalize their case study using their own words/thoughts/style, this example is provided as a simple template just to get you started. Your actual Course Professor may provide other guidance, too.)

Week 7, Assignment 3

Quantitative Methods - MAT540

Case Analysis Paper

Julia’s Food Booth
Chapter 3, page 109

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Professor ____________________
Strayer University

The case study involving Julia’s food booth …. (provide background and parameters very similar to an Executive Summary in a Business Report). Julia is considering leasing a food booth outside Tech Stadium at home (6) football games. If she clears $1000 in profit for each game she believes it will be worth leasing the booth. $1000 per game to lease the booth

$600 to lease a warming oven
She has $1500 to purchase food for first game and will for remaining 5 games she will purchase her ingredients with money made from previous game. Each pizza costs $6 for 8 slices which is 0.75 per slice, and she will sell it for $1.50 Each hot dog costs 0.45, and she will sell it for $1.50

Each BBQ Sandwich costs 0.90, and she will sell it for $2.25 There are Food Cost, Oven and Ratio Constraints that include:

QM assessment (Describe the Excel Solver and/or QM for Windows tool input)
Pizza Slices x1Hot Dogs x2BBQ x3 RHS

Food Costs = 0

Equation form (fill in coefficients, amounts, etc.)

Maximize Z (profit) = Pizza Slices 0.75x1 + Hot Dogs ___x2 + BBQ ___ x3 Food Cost Constraint: __x1 + __ x2 + __x3 = 0

Linear Programming Results (from Excel Solver and/or QM for Windows):

Optimal Value (Z) =


Case Study Questions

A. Formulate and solve a linear programming model...
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