JSB Market Research: Global Department Store Retailing, 2013-2018: Market Dynamics, Retail Trends and Competitive Landscape

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JSB Market Research: Global Department Store
Retailing, 2013-2018: Market Dynamics, Retail Trends and Competitive Landscape
On 16th August 2014

The Global Department Store Retailing, 2013-2018 report, published by Conlumino, provides an analysis of current and forecast market data of retail sales in different category groups in department stores retail channel across the globe. In addition, it highlights fastest growing markets for department stores identifying key trends influencing the markets, with an emphasis on innovative retailers in the department store channel. Also provides market share of key retailers in each region.

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Key Findings
• Global department store sales are forecast to reach US$839 billion by 2018, with major impetus from developing economies
• The cosmetics and toiletries category group is forecast to increase the most over the next five years, largely lead by growth in India, China, and Brazil
• Mergers and acquisitions are rising amongst department store retailers, influenced by reducing footfalls and strong competition from online channel
• In order to catch-up with online retailers, many department stores are going online and tasting success
• In efforts to engage customers for a greater period of time in stores, retailers are adding space for concepts such as food service and entertainment
• Provides a comprehensive view of the global department stores retail landscape, including current market sizes and category forecasts to 2018; and highlights the worlds fastest growing markets and category groups.
• Details market size and category forecasts for each region and countries, and features major retailers, key innovative retailers, and department store retail trends
• The report covers the 50 largest retail markets and includes 24 countries in Europe,
12 countries in

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