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JUNE 2013


When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better.

As we start again our duty in the Rural Health Unit, we came into and agreed upon that we would be having our rotational schedule so that we would be convenient enough in rendering our services to our clientele. We have this attitude of being lazy sometimes because of this tiredness given by this paper works and so many tasks outside the Rural Health Unit, so to avoid pinpointing to our colleagues it is better to have this weekly rotational task to balance everything the situation inside and outside the Rural Health Unit, and to have a well-organized and effective quality of service to our patients. We have different areas in the Rural health Unit: Public assistance desk wherein we caught the attention of our incoming patients, ask the names who needs our service, gets the weight, height, give the numbers in order, and give consideration to Senior Citizens, PWDs and Pregnant women; Admission area: we assess the patients situation carefully , ask his/her chief complaint and conduct NCD profiling regularly; Records Section: secures the family folder of the patient; Vital signs: Takes Blood pressure, respiratory rate, pulse rate, temperature; Call Center: Organizes the folders by number giving consideration for emergency cases, and calls the patient’s name; Treatment area: Carries out Doctor’s order, gives the right medications as ordered same as gives instructions and health teachings, assists in minor cases like suturing lacerated wound, does wound dressing; Special Lane:prioritizes the senior citizens, pregnant women and PWDs. And as we continue our service in the community we are again preparing for our monthly Family Development Sessionwith our CCT families. Preparation arises when we had the schedule of our respected catchments. And for this month we gotfocused in Dengue, which is incorporated this rainy season and it is one of the programs of the Department of Health. Basic informations regarding dengue were taught to them, most especially the 4S Kontra DENGUE, which includes: Search and Destroy, Self-Protection Measures, Seek Immediate Consultation and Say NO to Indiscriminate fogging. That time, my CCT families together with my partner barangay were attentive enough in the discussion proper because somehow they have an idea regarding Dengue. Before the discussion proper happened, it is also our responsibility to check on their materials, especially their notebooks, ball pens, and of course their CCT Cards, and Talaarawan because this will serve as their attendance sheet to our Municipal Link, as a proof that they attended their monthly Family Development Session. As part of the Department of Health, we included and advocated the calendar of activities for this month, which includes: National Kidney Month, No Smoking Month, Prostate Cancer Awareness Month 14 - World Blood Donor Day

14-18 - Safe Kids Week
23 - DOH Anniversary
25 - National Patient Safety Day
26 - International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. These information were dispensed for them to be aware and be prepared for such circumstances.

Since we are now part of the RHU family we need to have a thorough communication between our staffs and us RNHeals especially with regards to work proper. It was then that Mam May called our attention and our Midwives to have a convergence. She reminded us the tasks that we are expected to do inside the RHU and in the community that we should know how to balance and prioritize everything. Next, we had this so called open forum with our head nurse, Mam Myrna because she was out for almost three weeks and she was not there to check on us. This open forum was done to listen to our...
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