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The field of nursing has been well-known since the beginning of civilization. People everywhere are familiar with this field because people have always and will continue to experience illness, pain, suffering and death. The purpose of this report is to provide readers with detailed information about the field of nursing including its history, occupation description, education requirements, employment opportunities, job outlook, job availability and salary.

The first roots to the modern nursing can be traced back to Florence Nightingale (Career As a Registered Nurse (RN),6). She has inspired numerous people around the world and was considered a heroine in her time. Nightingale was highly educated and would travel through Europe looking at hospitals trying to educate the staff on better patient care and hygiene. She then served as a nurse for the British government tending to ill and injured soldiers during the Crimean War. Nightingale started the first modern, formal nursing school in 1860, naming it the Nightingale School, after herself. Nightingale is said to have created the healthcare model that we follow today, which treats the patient as an individual instead of a disease. (Career As a Registered Nurse (RN),6). This paved the way for other nurses to step up and make nursing a better field to work in. In the United States, Clara Barton cared for soldiers in the Civil War that were fighting for both the North and the South. Clara Barton later developed the American Red Cross. (Career As a Registered Nurse (RN),7). Developments such as these lead to the first nursing school in the US opening. It was opened by the Bellevue Hospital in New York. (Career As a Registered Nurse (RN),7). This helped girls across the country gain insight into the field of nursing which in turn created new schools and new opportunities for people to join the field.

A registered nurse takes care of sick and injured people. They are concerned with the “Whole Person” rather than the disease an individual may have. Registered nurses help with the emotional, physical and mental needs of the patient they are caring for (Registered Nurse (RN)). In the hospital registered nurse’s work under what they call a head nurse. According to the Registered Nurse (RN) web site, “Registered nurses usually work eight hours a day, forty hours a week, rotating shifts, holidays and weekends.” Registered nurses perform a variety of different jobs. They observe the patient and record the observations they see, they consult with the physicians and others healthcare clinicians with their observations, and they maintain and disconnect intravenous lines for fluid, give medication, blood, and blood products. (United States). RN’s help with the plan of care for their patients; the plan may include their activities of daily living, checking the dosages given to the patient, and administering medication (United States). An RN also helps explain to family members how to take care of their family member after they return home. They may explain their diet plan, nutrition, care needs, and the exercise needed (United States). The RN teaches the patient’s family, along with the patient, how to take care of their injuries or illness (United States). These are only a few things that a registered nurse may do on a daily basis as their jobs are crucial for the recovery of sick and injured individuals.

They are different educational paths that a registered nurse can choose from. They can get their bachelor’s degree, an associate degree, or a diploma from an approved nursing program (United States). Many registered nurses choose to complete either a two year program with an associate degree or a four year program with a bachelor’s degree. After they have successfully completed the nursing program, then they must take a national examination in order to obtain a nursing license to...

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